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We wrote the book(s) on great caregivers...literally          

Nearly 20 years ago ELDirect Founder, Leigh Davis, began creating ELDirect’s caregiver screening and hiring process.

His family’s caregiver nightmares drove him to develop a process whose focus was to eliminate low quality, dishonest caregivers.

The result of his years of work is a caregiver hiring process that doesn’t just generate good caregivers, it all but guarantees exceptional, compassionate caregivers.  (It’s not perfect…just darn close)

Mr. Davis named his caregiver hiring process “Outrageous Hiring”.  And it is.  It is the only nationally recognized caregiver hiring process.

  2 of the books Mr. Davis has written about his Outrageous Hiring
It is also the only caregiver hiring process in the United States recognized by the world’s largest commercial insurer – Lloyd’s of London – for the quality caregivers it generates. 

This means you can rest assured your loved one will get the same high quality, exceptional in-home health care that thousands of seniors and families have trusted over the years.

Personality assessments, rigorous background checks, phone interviews, face-to-face interviews, multiple criminal background checks, drug testing and an application that looks like a college entrance exam…are just the beginning.

It is costly.  It is time consuming and energy draining to hand-select the top 2-3% of all caregivers, but your loved one's in-home health care and your peace of mind is our top priority.

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