Home Health resources exist that can help pay for in-home care 

                       1) Private Pay -  "Self-Pay"

Affordable flat hourly rates

No up-front fees or deposits

No duration contracts

No sliding fee scale

The ability to hand pick the CA of your choice

3-hour visits to 24/7 round the clock care.

Secure telephony clock-in and out for CAs = accurate reporting

At home, hospital, nursing home…wherever home is

2) ELDerGrants - ELDirect offers free short-term grants for individuals that cannot afford in-home care
and don’t qualify for state or federal programs. 
Get an ELDerGrant Application

3) Medicaid
- ELDirect can help you apply and get connected with the following Medicaid programs:

        ElderChoices: A program for individuals aged 65 and over that meet physical and low-income criteria. ELDirect is 
        an Elderchoices provider.


        Independent Choices: A program for individuals 18 and over that need personal care in the home.


        Alternatives: Assists individuals between the ages of 21-64 who need care in the home.


        Personal Care: Helps individuals 21 and older whose needs are medically necessary and authorized by an attending physician.

4) Veterans Administration
- ELDirect is a federally licensed contractor for the Veterans Administration and can help expedite your application within the VA program to help minimize service delay. Read more... 

5) Long Term Care Insurance - ELDirect works with numerous long term care insurance companies and can help you open, apply and complete your long-term care insurance claims.

6) Cancer Patients - ELDirect works with multiple companies that provide funding and support for cancer patients.  CancerCare, HOPE,Cancer support homes and many more.  We can provide you with contact and program information.

Reverse Mortgage - Equity in your home can be used to fund in-home care.

Life Insurance - Certain life insurance policies can now be converted into cash and used for long-term care. Read More... 

9) Automobile and Workers Compensation Insurance – Certain conditions apply

10) Volunteer Programs and Other Needs
- Having over 2000 network partners, ELDirect can quickly connect you with the services you need